Installation instructions from PARS Remove

Installing it is very simple, we include placement guides and double-sided adhesives so that they are perfectly located. Watch the video and follow our instructions.

Quick video of how to assemble a piece.
1.- In the following diagram, we show the recommended points to place the PARS. If you use an internal trellis, keep this in mind when placing the pieces

    2.- Use the sticky guides to make sure you center the piece well.

    3.- Peel off a sticker with double-sided tape, and place it on the piece. Peel off the second layer and center your piece by pressing lightly

      4.- Hold the pars piece against the fabric, turn the clothes over and stretch the surface well so there are no wrinkles. If you have unstitched the lining, it will be even easier. The important thing is that the fabric is perfectly smooth.

        5.- Place the REMOVE piece, take a star screwdriver and place the screws. Screw until they reach the edge of the REMOVE piece.

          6.- With the help of scissors or a cutter (or with your hands), detach the tabs from the REMOVE piece.

            7.- We include some adhesive pads for even greater comfort, stick them on the REMOVE piece.

              And Done! You already have your PARS REMOVE installed.
              Simple right? Do the same with the rest of the pieces.