Frequent questions

Can I use the PARS Paralyzation System on anyone?

The PARS system is studied for adults weighing more than 50 kg, it is not as effective in children or in people with less weight.

Can I place it in any way?

Yes, as long as you follow the instructions for use and the guidelines recommended by the PARS Paralyzation System.

What type of garments can I install my Pars KIT on?

Pars can be installed on Cordura clothing and leather/skin suits, both with the REMOVE® system or using our sewing KITS.

Which system is more secure?

Cosido or REMOVE® guarantee its usefulness. Both are designed not to come off the clothes, like the sliders, sewn patches, etc. that we usually wear on our biker clothes.

How should I sew my PARS®?

We recommend going to your trusted seamstress to sew them for you by machine, or choose our special collection service, that is, we pick up your suit, take it to our sewing service and send it to you back home.